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Rock that Sun-Kissed Summer Complexion

  As eager as many people are to bask in the summer season, skincare is sometimes cast to the wayside among the appeal of the sun and fun. Amidst the dehydration that can occur, excess dead cells that would typically be scrubbed off stay on the skin and cause it to appear listless and slack. Pores will get clogged, unnecessarily resulting in acne and enlarged pores. Moreover, skin dryness will bring about a patchwork of itchiness, eventually escalating to infection and chafing of the affected area. How to enjoy your holiday without incurring the wrath of a dismal skincare routine, you ask? It is time to tap into the wellness secrets of Lawrens Cosmetics.               Granted, healthy skin is not an overnight process, but investing in your skin can only reap welcome rewards in the long-term. Lawrens Body Cream is a favorable start to achieving that fresh glow when used daily, both day and night. This product contains ingredients that help improve skin elasticity, decrease wrinkles, and—perhaps most importantly for a bright complexion—improve skin hydration and firmness.             Another key element to take into account for that strongly desired radiance is to moisturize. Lawrens Moisturizer, for example, is prepared from a formula that contains the healing properties of Aloe Vera, the restorative elements of Shea butter, the antioxidants of Vitamin E, and the therapeutic features of marine collagen. It can, therefore, meet all skin needs. Daily use, in particular, assists in improving moisture and bringing a natural shine to your skin.              Lawrens Anti-Wrinkle Cream is comprised of various nourishing components, but the one that should be touched upon primarily as far as skin luminosity is concerned is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for a deeply hydrating effect, so much so that Nazanin Saedi, MD, a board-certified dermatologist with Jefferson University Hospitals in Philadelphia, attests: “Hyaluronic acid attracts water and hydrates the skin, and it kind of plumps up the skin a little bit because it holds onto the water.”             While hyaluronic acid is a tried and true ingredient that exists firmly in several skincare regimens, Co-Q 10 Cream by Lawrens is an innovative mixture that helps to energize and replenish the skin cells. It also keeps the skin healthy and moist during some of those more arid summer days. Topical application of Co-Q 10 has demonstrated that it can reduce, and even reverse, damage caused to the skin by the sun. In fact, researchers have found that wrinkles dwindled and improved in appearance, and skin cells and fibers were protected from further damage.                At its core, the challenge of maintaining that sun-kissed appearance without simultaneously feeling like the sun has mercilessly razed you is a precarious juggling act that many individuals simply choose to ignore. Sadly, to do so is to add to your own detriment, but Lawrens Cosmetics has provided a multitude of ingenious solutions to make the process that much easier. While it is true that the above-named products should be applied daily and meticulously to bring about those much-coveted results, it is worth the effort, because it is a change you will notice—both inside and out.   written by Yvette Vega