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Slim Cream - Reducing Formula with Caffeine - 4 oz

Slim Cream - Reducing Formula with Caffeine - 4 oz

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Slim Reducer / cream / 4 oz

Slim Reducer cream contains a blend of natural ingredients to provide health and beauty to your skin.

This cream is also designed to target stubborn curves on the waist, hips, arms, abdomen, legs and thighs.

Slim reducer cream is a blend of exotic herbal extracts that naturally sculpt your body. 

*For best results use day and night.

How to use

  • Apply to areas of legs, thighs, stomach, arms and hops.
  • Use after a bath or a shower
  • Scoop a small amount over your palm
  • Gently massage into the target areas that you want to slim down
  • Massage vigorously until the gel disappears

*Wash your hands after use before you touch anything.

*Do not touch face/rub eyes while using it.

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